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Referenciák | e-shop with branded products

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A new e-shop with a nice, live design, selling branded products like Playboy, Disney, Hello Kitty, Hannah Montana, Essenza, Covers & Co etc for the Slovak market. You can check it in live here:

Optobril 01 02 03 is a simple site with facebook like-box and google map. This company sells glasses, sunglasses.

EKOpuls Presentation site with contact form and galleries and integrated google maps. This site will be upgraded to a webshop.

Liveincarer Simple presentation site with an imageslideshow and skype connection.

MUSA exquisite magazine re Picture on the left is the first look of the magazine. The pages of magazine are images which are sliding right-left when select next/previous page. Every page can be shared on Facebook with Share/Like buttons. At this project was born the MG Youtube Fancybox plugin. Portal contains multiple forms, slideshows, banner-shows and a newsletter component. The second screenshot (on the right) is a new design created by not-me after a year since the page was published.

F&K Bakery (svk: Pekáreň FK) The new design of the bakery mentioned below. It works on Joomla! engine.

Chamber of Architects in B-A-Z County, Hungary This site is a portal for architects where they can read articles, news, events affect them. There is a selfprogrammed search component (you can search for architect names etc. previously imported on backend) and event calendar. At the joomla backend the administration can manualy refresh the list of architects exported from the central database.

Games for kids - eshop It was a webshop with a selfprogrammed filter module for Virtuemart.

Hadas k.f.t.

14hadas Presentation site of an architectural firm called HADAS in Miskolc, Hungary with lot of imagegalleries and menus. In the head is a funny flash animation. live view:

The Best Office

13thebestoffice Presentation page with a simple menu system and google map.

Branded A presentation hompage and catalogue with galleries and menu systems.

Beeshop A presentation site for a company that sells tools for beekeepers. A simple slideshow is on the top of site and a menu system. At contact page is an integrated google map.

Mayors' Club Slovakia It is a site for mayors where a mayor can register and read articles affect them. The articles are automatically updated every day from an email attachement which is filtered and sent by a media company.

Talentum Management Training Center Slovakia A simple presentation site of a training center with a simple horizontal menu.

Marcibányi Square Cultural Center in Budapest DNMW A portal with an event calendar linked to articles and galleries. Logo is a flash animation and on the top is a funny moving gallery which jingles if your mouse is over. Newsletter is present too. Design is not my work, but the template was created by me.

Unique Production Office (hun: Páratlan Produkciós Iroda) It's a simple presentation site. You can order productions through form which send the order by e-mail.

PMKI DNMW A portal of Educational Institution of Pest County with photo gallery, forms and menu systems and more. Design is not my work, I just created the template from a photoshop document.

Lokátor s.r.o. A simple presentation site with a third party login form, a flash animated logo and a flash module in the middle of the site.

Institute of Natural Sciences and IT in Nitra Slovakia A multilingual presentation site with a vertical dropdown menu, registration and search. A small flash animation is in the header and the logo is an animation too.

Lingualeader s.r.o. A multilingual presentation site with multiple forms, maps and dropdown menus. Newsletter module also included.