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YouTube Video in Fancybox v1.7.4 - plugin for Joomla! 3.0 & 2.5 & 1.7 (Code: MGYT174)

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YouTube Video in Fancybox v1.7.4 - plugin for Joomla! 3.0 & 2.5 & 1.7

YouTube Video in Fancybox plugin is is compatible with Joomla! 3.x

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With this plugin you can add a nice youtube video-play ability in a fancybox (lightbox) window to your site without any tags. Its using is simple, you have to copy the youtube video link as plain text to the article and thats all. Don't forget to publish the plugin and if you want, you can set some parameters as the video thumbnail width/height, the played video width/height or switch autoplaying and more.

Example recognized syntax if videocode is yv0zA9kN6L8 :

You can use inline parameters too. Separate them with | and don't use any space character

Inline parameters are:

tw - thumbnail width tw=300
/value in pixels
th - thumbnail height th=200
/value in pixels
ww - window width ww=720
/value in pixels
wh - window height wh=408
/value in pixels
title - show video title

/1 - show
/0 - hide

autoplay - play video automatically after clicking on thumbnail autoplay=1
/1 - enabled
/0 - disabled
fullscreen - show fullscreen button on youtube control panel fullscreen=1
/1 - show
/0 - hide
hd - play videostream in hd quality if available hd=1
/1 - enabled
/0 - disabled
autohide - hiding youtube control panel with slide out effect autohide=1
/1 - hide
/0 - always visible
controls - show youtube control panel controls=1
/1 - control panel available
/0 - control panel not available
loop - repeated playing of video stream loop=1
/1 - repeat videostream
/0 - play once
theme - select theme of youtube control panel theme=dark
/dark - use black controls
/light - use white controls
overlaycolor - select color of background overlay overlaycolor=ff0000
/hexadecimal value of color without # sign
opacity - select volume of transparency opacity=0.5
/0 - full transparent
/1 - not transparent
/0.2 - 80 percent transparent

(* has to be replaced with t at source links)


source link:

source link:


source link:


Backend view:
mgyt171a mgyt171b

What's new 1.7.4
fixed minor bugs
- recognizing either https and shortlinks
- adding possibility of parameter overrides with inline parameters
- new parameter at backend to enable/disable usage of inline parameters

What's new 1.7.3
fixed $params reset bug

What's new 1.7.2

- fixed small bugs
- jQuery library loaded only if needed
- Fancybox loaded only if needed

What's new 1.7.1
- jQuery 1.7.1
- Fancybox 1.3.4
- switch the fancybox library to include or not
- can change overlay color
- can change overlay opacity
- added 2 more display methods of the video:

  • 1. with SWFobject.js (if jQuery method didn't work)
  • 2.

ver. 1.7
- jQuery 1.4.2
- Fancybox 1.3.1

at plugin parameters you can:
- set thumbnail width/height
- set fancybox window (video window) width/height
- enable/disable to show video title
- enable/disable video looping
- enable/disable the youtube control bar
- choose youtube control bar theme: light/dark
- enable/disable showing of fullscreen button
- enable/disable autoplay
- enable/disable to slide out the youtube controlbar
- enable/disable to play the highest resolution of youtube video

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